Can You Go to University With T-Levels

Can You Go to University With T-Levels?

When you are selecting the qualification after completing the GCSEs it is important that you are choosing the right qualification. One of the most latest qualifications that are getting popular is the T-levels. They are the vocational courses that help you to gain practical experience. However, the most common question that you may have in your mind is whether can you go to the university with T-levels or not. 

Quick Takeaeways

  • As T-levels are equal to three A-levels, you can go to the university with them. 
  • Some renowned universities like Oxbridge, may not consider them as appropriate qualifications to get into the universities.
  • There are around 123 universities that are accepting T-levels like Aston University and Bangor University.

However, you must read till the end so that you get a better understanding of if you can go to university with T-levels.

Can You Go to University With T-Levels?

What are T-Levels?

T-levels are also the vocational qualifications that were introduced in 2020. These courses help to bridge the gap between the BTECs and the apprenticeship. They are the courses that are equal to 3 A-levels. It will also include a 45-day work placement and 1,800 study hours during your two years program. So if you know in which career you want to enrol, you must take T-levels to polish your skills.

Can you go to university with T-Levels?

Many universities view T-Levels with doubt since the academic element of learning has been neglected in this type of qualification. A T-Level provides pupils with the knowledge and skills necessary for a variety of occupations due to its nature. However, as a result of this system, you get straight into the workforce instead of higher education. Many universities may decide not to accept applicants with T-Levels as a result. These qualifications are generally not accepted by all universities, including Oxford and Cambridge. However, you can still get into some specific colleges or universities with them.

How many T-levels you can take?

As already mentioned above T-levels are equal to the 3 A-levels. This means that you have to take up only a single T-level. If you take two t-levels it will double your burden and you may not be able to focus on both subjects properly. Also taking up two T-levels means that you have to gain experience in two different fields which is not possible.

How many UCAS points are T-levels worth?

How many UCAS points will you gain with T-levels will depend upon the grade you are getting. These UCAS points are similar to points that you get at your A-levels. The following table will show you how many UCAS points will you earn for each of the grades that you get in T-levels-

A-level GradesUCAS Tariff PointsT-level Grades
CCC96C or above core
DDD72D or E core

How many T-levels you need to get into the university?

It will depend upon the university you are applying to and the course you are thinking of enrolling in. Every University has its own requirements. You will have to do proper research before applying to the university or the course to find out what are the minimum required UCAS tariff points for it. Also do find out if they accept T-levels or not.

Does Oxford university accept T-levels?

On their official websites, both universities have clearly mentioned that they do not accept T-levels. Following are the statements that they have mentioned on their official website, regarding their entry requirements-

  • “T-Levels are not considered appropriate preparation for courses at Oxford and are therefore not accepted for entry.”- OXFORD
  • “T-Levels are not considered sufficient preparation for any undergraduate degree courses at Cambridge and are therefore not accepted for entry.”- CAMBRIDGE

Both the statements shows that you can not get into the Cambridge with T-levels. The only reason is that the courses offered in these universities are more academically focused. However, you may still get into Oxbridge if you take up their foundation year. 

Which universities accept T-levels?

Every university has its own admission criteria for deciding which candidate to select for the university. If we talk about 2022, there are around 123 universities that are accepting T-levels. Following is the list of 10 such universities that are accepting T-levels-

  • Abertay University
  • Anglia Ruskin University
  • Aston University
  • Bangor University
  • Birmingham City University
  • Bishop Grosseteste University
  • Bournemouth University
  • Buckinghamshire New University
  • Canterbury Christ Church University
  • Chester University

Does the University of Manchester accepts T-Levels?

The University of Manchester is one of the well-known universities in the UK. This university has given several notable Nobel prize winners. According to the statement published on their official website, “Each individual T-Level qualification (in Wave 1 and 2) has been considered by our academic Schools to assess the suitability for admission to the University.” Thus this means that, unlike Oxbridge, the University of Manchester do allow you to enter the university with T-levels.

Can You Go to University With T-Levels?


T-levels are the most recent qualification that was founded in 2020. These are the vocational qualifications that are equal to three A-levels. As they are equal to three A-levels, these are the qualifications that are generally accepted in 123 universities in the UK including the University of Manchester and Bangor University. However, as they are less academically focused, many renowned universities like Oxbridge may not consider them.

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