Can Teachers/ Professors See Your Screen on Zoom?

With the change in trend in traditional classroom learning, there is an increase in the use of online classrooms. Zoom is one such platform, which is used very often. As a student, you might have lots of questions in your mind related to Zoom classroom meetings. Can a teacher view your screen or if he/she can read your private messages or not? These are some of the questions that you might look for.

Quick Takeaways

  • Your teachers can definitely look at your screen but only if you have given permission of sharing with them. 
  • Zoom is an online live meeting conferencing app through which you can attend meetings sitting at your home.
  • Your professor or an instructor can’t see you or listen to you until you have turned on your camera or unmuted yourself.

However, you must read till the end so that you could get a better understanding of if teachers or professors can see your screen on Zoom or not.

Can Teachers/ Professors See Your Screen on Zoom?

What is Zoom?

Zoom is an online live meeting conferencing app (just like google meet), through which you can attend meetings sitting at your home. You can download it free from the play store. Zoom has become one of the most used online platforms for virtual meetings. It is also used by educational institutions to interact with students and take online classes. As a tutor, you can provide students with a classroom experience from your home. It works like wileyplus.

Can teachers see your screen on Zoom?

The answer to this question is Yes, but only if you are giving permission. Your professor could not see your screen if you have not shared it with them. This is because Zoom does not allow your professor to see your screen until and unless you are allowed to share. You can easily watch movies, play games, or do anything in the background of your screen. 

Although there is software that may restrict your activities and may provide information about the activities that are done by your professors. Your professors may ask you to download it when you are giving an online exam or attending an online class. However, zoom alone does not allow sharing of any kind of data with the instructors. However, if you are bored with the online classroom, you can try avoiding multitasking.

Can Teachers/ Professors See Your Screen on Zoom?

Can a professor view your screen without your permission? 

Undoubtedly the answer is No. Your teacher can only view your screen if you have given your permission. However, there is software that your instructor may ask you to download to restrict your activities. If you have installed such software, your professor can only get to know if you have opened any other app or not. Although, they can not see what you are watching in the background. However, if there is proctored software like ProctorU it will help you to prevent from shifting on the new tab.

Can an instructor see you when your camera is off?

No, your professor or an instructor can’t see you or listen to you until you have turned on your camera or unmuted yourself. However, they may have the control to turn it on and off. If you are worried that your teacher might see you when the camera is off, then you relax.

Can your teacher read your private messages?

The authority of allowing you to send private messages to anyone in the meeting is with your teacher. They can only decide whether you can send a private message or not. However, your teacher can’t read the private messages that you have sent to another person in the meeting.

He/she could only read the messages that are sent in public chats. Even if they are recording the zoom meeting, your private messages can’t still be recorded. However, you must not write any inappropriate remarks, as you may send them to your professor by mistake.

Can Teachers/ Professors See Your Screen on Zoom?

Can the teacher know when you are not paying attention?

Yes, your professor or the teacher can tell if you were paying attention or not with the help of a function known as “Attendee Attention Tracking”. It can only be disabled by the chat admin This function analyzes the time when you click away from the zoom app or the desktop.

If you are using any other application or desktop in the background of your zoom meet for more than 30 seconds, the Attendee attention tracking function notifies your teacher. Your teacher will be able to see a symbol of the clock before your name just like google meet. This helps the teacher to know whether or not you are paying attention in class or not. 

Etiquette for online zoom class meetings

When you are joining an online zoom class meeting you must have some basic ethics-

1. Find a quiet place 

The most important thing when you are attending a zoom class meeting is to find a quiet place. Noise in your background will not only distract you but will also create problems for other people in the meeting. Sitting in a place that is free from noise, helps you to listen to your professor properly. 

2. Mic setting

You must keep your mic turned off until and unless your teacher does not ask you to turn it on. This is one of the basic etiquettes you must follow. This will help to prevent any noise disturbance in the classroom

3. Avoid using filters

You must not apply any kind of filters to your camera while attending the meeting. You must keep the original setting of your camera.

Can Teachers/ Professors See Your Screen on Zoom?

4. Avoid using a Phone

You may use your mobile phone if you are using them to find the necessary information for the class. But you must avoid using mobile phones when you attend class. You just avoid sending messages to your classmates during the classroom, as it will be distracting for them as well. 

5. Setting Up Your Camera

When you are in an online classroom, you must set up your camera. Make sure that you are properly visible. Try to look at the camera the way you look at the person while talking in real life.

6. Raise hand feature

If you want to ask anything to your professor then use the raise hand function. This would notify your professor that you want to say something to them.


Zoom app has become one of the most used applications for online classroom meetings. As a student, you might want to know what a teacher can do while taking the online classroom. The most common question that may come to your mind is if the teacher can view your screen or not. This article answers such questions and will also help you to understand the basic etiquette of online classrooms. 

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