Best places to buy second hand University Textbooks

Many universities offer various courses to the student, and the student has to study multiple textbooks regarding the course, which are too expensive for a student to buy a new book. You may not be able to buy the books from the stores. There may be several reasons and thus you may want to buy second-hand university textbooks.

Quick Takeaways

  • The following are some places where the student can buy second-hand University textbooks-
Charity shops. 
Online Marketplace. 
Facebook Marketplace. 
World of books. 
Family and friends. 
Car boot sales.

However, you must read till the end so that you get to understand the best places to buy second-hand university textbooks.

Best places to buy second hand University Textbooks

Best places to buy second hand University Textbooks

There are many students who find buying a second-hand book more profitable as the university requires buying the textbook in large amounts and all the expenses are being spent to buy the books only. Following are the best places where you can buy second-hand books-

1. Charity shops

There are many students who sell all their textbooks to charity shops or simply donate them. Charity shops are available very easily on every Street. so buying textbooks from a Charity shop will help the student not to spend much on books. Buying books from charity shops does not just save money but also the student is supporting the charities. The cost of the books from the charity shop is not more than 10 euros. The charity shop nowadays is available through an online platform also one of the famous online stores is Oxfam.

Best places to buy second hand University Textbooks

The following are some most common shops in the UK:

  • British Heart Foundation. 
  • Cancer Research UK. 
  • Mind. 
  • Age UK.
  • Oxfam.

2. Online marketplaces

You can easily find the university textbook for free on online marketplaces such as eBay. It is a platform in which the student can also sell old textbooks to earn some cash. Students will easily find the books which the people are selling. You can even send a message to the seller to lower the price of the book before buying it. But here you have to pay the shipping charges which do depend upon how far the item or the book you are buying from. You can also get books for the 8th class through these online marketplaces.

Best places to buy second hand University Textbooks

3. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook market please is also a good idea for buying second-hand books for the university. It will show the list of the people who are being closed to use such as family, friends, neighbors, or the people who are living in the local area. The student will be able to get the book without paying extra for the shipping of the book. The student here can also ask the seller to lower the price of the book. By using the Facebook Marketplace the student needs to be attentive if they are buying the book from a genuine person or not.

4. World of books

It is a website that sells second-hand books at a very low price even though they are brand new. The price of the books depends upon the condition of the books, the books which are new, the price is high, the books which are in very good condition, the prices according to it. Indirectly the world of books is supporting charity only so buying books from the world of books will be profitable to the charities also. 

5. Family and friends

There are many students who do have close friends and family they can easily ask them for their old textbooks from the universities and no need to buy the books. For example, If the student has an old cousin or a neighbour who used to study for the same degree and does have the same textbooks which you need, instead of spending money to buy second-hand books from outside you can easily take them from your close ones which will save the student money a lot. There will be many people who will not give you the books for free. They will ask you to pay some amount so the student should pay according to the condition of the books. Further, you may also get books for free which can help you to save some amount for paying the rent.

6. Car boot sales

Best places to buy second hand University Textbooks

Car boot sales are basically done by the people who are trying to sell the things which are of no use to them anymore. So books are the most common things which are being sold. The sale is mostly done on weekends or on bank holidays so the student can easily search online for the closest car boot sales. The student can even bargain for the cost of the books. The student should buy the books carefully according to the new addition to the university’s curriculum. It is possible that in car boot sales they will be selling outdated books also.


There are many students who don’t have a good family background and don’t want to spend their money on buying new books for the universities so most of the students do buy second-hand textbooks which are easily available to the student from charity shops online Marketplace families and friends. So instead of wasting their money buying expensive books, the student can easily get second-hand books from the above-mentioned places.

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