10 Best Cheerleading Programs in the US

10 Best Cheerleading Programs in the US

Johnny Campbell first invented cheerleading. It’s the dance portion of cheerleading in American schools. The cheerleading program has been persevering for a very long time. cheerleading consists of a staff of boys/women who cheer for their school staff, encourage them within the sport, and make the viewers excited about the sport. cheerleading contains stunts, pm dance, jazz, and hip hop and is represented in a time interval of two and half a minutes. If you want to be a cheerleader, you must know the best Cheerleading Programs in the US.

Quick Takeaways

  • Following are some of the best Cheerleading programs that you can take up-
1. Concordia College
2. College of Kentucky
3. College of Alabama
4. College of Minnesota
5. College of Hawaii
6. College of Mississippi
7. College of Central Florida
8. College of Delaware
9. College of California
10. College of Carolina

However you must read till the end to learn more about these colleges in detail.

10 Best Cheerleading Programs in the US

Varieties of cheerleading:

  1. Scholastic cheerleading
  2. All-star cheerleading
  3. Exhibition cheerleading
  4. Leisure cheerleading
10 Best Cheerleading Programs in the US

1. Scholastic cheerleading:

Such cheerleading is related to the colleges they usually help the varsity staff in sports activities. Their job is to cheer for their college staff. They do not take part in any competitions. however, they have to be skilled and choreographed.

2. All-star cheerleading:

All-star is expounded to athletes solely, not the varsity associations. They journey across the state to compete in the occasion to win competitions. They’re skilled in cheerleading.

3. Exhibition cheerleading:

Such a cheerleader shouldn’t be associated with the varsity or like an all-star to cheer for the staff. They take part in enormous occasions and are extremely expert cheerleaders and do stunts professionally. They’re largely unbiased.

4. Leisure cheerleading:

Leisure cheerleading shouldn’t be for competitions nor associated with large occasions and colleges for supporting the staff. They do it largely for enjoyment and to remain a match. They carry out for native establishments like church buildings or any communities. However, you must try to apply to multiple colleges so that you can easily get a college for yourself.

The highest 10 finest schools for cheerleading in the USA – Greatest Cheerleading Applications within the US:

Getting free time in college is what most students want to have. Thus many people go to cheerleading colleges. Following is a list of colleges for cheerleading programs-

1. Concordia College:

10 Best Cheerleading Programs in the US

Concordia College is among the hottest and most aggressive universities. It is among the finest universities in the type of cheerleading. The scholar for cheerleading right here should be a member of one of many aggressive groups of the college.

The scholars are extra to be cheerleaders in this college as they supply monetary help to college students by giving scholarships that modify the background of the coed, the coed’s abilities, and the expertise of the coed in aggressive sport. The scholars additionally proceed to be aggressive in sport as cheerleading because the scholarships the scholars are prolonged yearly. The cheerleader is judged by the pinnacle coach earlier than the beginning of the competitors by the spherical analysis for the position of the coed.

2. College of Kentucky:

10 Best Cheerleading Programs in the US

The College of Kentucky is called the very best cheerleading squad of cheerleading. the simplest group within the area of cheerleading the world over. The cheerleading squad has taken the twenty-second nationwide championship in competing within the common cheerleader associations in Orlando. and the cheerleader has been a daily participant in any occasion hosted by the common athletics associations. The cheerleaders additionally characterize the varsity in any charitable occasions or social occasions.

3. College of Alabama:

10 Best Cheerleading Programs in the US

Additionally, it is the very best school in cheerleading in the USA and is thought of or ranked because the most interesting squad in the nation constantly. The college has divided the cheerleading into two groups i.e all-girl squad and co-ed cheerleading. 

All-girl cheerleading helps feminine athletes in sports activities like basketball, volleyball, and gymnastics compete with others whereas co-ed cheerleading helps male athletes in the sports activities like soccer and basketball. The cheerleaders are supplied with weekly coaching by the coach and need to attend the weekend coaching periods.

4. College of Minnesota:

10 Best Cheerleading Programs in the US

 The College of Minnesota is often known as the golden gropers spirit squads. The primary purpose of the college is to guarantee that the scholars are supplied with an educated, sincere, and selfless purpose. The spirit squad teaching employees offered by the college helps the student-athletes and helps to enhance the tutorial and athletic abilities of the scholars.

Additionally, it is generally known as the birthplace of cheerleading as the primary occasion of cheerleading was held right here solely. Right here the staff all-girls embody solely women; the staff and the co-ed and small co-ed groups have each woman and man that change yearly relying on the talents of the scholars.

5. College of Hawaii:

10 Best Cheerleading Programs in the US

The cheerleading staff between 12 and 14 is supplied with full-time scholarships in academic establishments. The college additionally supplies the coed of the overseas nation a chance of making use of second scholarships and that worldwide college students who meet all of the {qualifications} need to pay 50% of the coaching payment solely. If the coed applies for Western Undergraduate Change (WUE) and qualifies, the necessities are offered by concession within the tuition payment. The WUE  makes the coed attend 160 public school and college applications.

6. College of Mississippi:

10 Best Cheerleading Programs in the US

The College of Mississippi is the very best school for cheerleading that appears for the cheerleader who is devoted to representing Ole Miss on sports day and on social media. The cheerleader has to provide an excessive stage of efficiency on sports day by making the viewers be managed.

The cheerleaders ought to have a constructive perspective and work ethic. Works as knowledgeable with good talking skills. The scholar can enroll within the College of Mississippi by submitting functions to the college or enrolling there solely.

7. College of Central Florida:

10 Best Cheerleading Programs in the US

This college consists of a cheerleading staff of 32 cheerleaders 16 males and 16 females and is the very best in the nation. The cheerleaders are made to characterize the colleges at a residence in sports activities of soccer, basketball, and volleyball.

The college made the cheerleading staff give scholarships below the attitude of 16 new cheerleaders and 16 returning cheerleaders with $1000 to $2000.The cheerleader of UCF is made to attend all of the postseason tournaments and conferences in soccer. Because the college, if central Florida is being sponsored by Nike the coed has not needed to pay for exercise garments, uniforms, footwear, baggage, and so on.

8. College of Delaware:

10 Best Cheerleading Programs in the US

The cheerleading staff of the college has gained the second consecutive title of the common help affiliation open division I championship. The scholar who’s a citizen of Delaware is given scholarships of $7500 and that is thought of as below all of the norms and laws of the NCAA.  For administering and distributing the scholarship the inter-university athletic division is accountable and the scholarship is predicated on athletic accomplishment and teachers. 

9. College of California :

10 Best Cheerleading Programs in the US

The College of California has the mission to carry out, compete, and be a consultant of the College of California on all of the occasions held within the nation. The cheerleaders listed here are skilled and have a strict work ethic in an enjoyable and provoking atmosphere. The college is taking into account to be spreading new concepts of aggressive cheerleading throughout the globe. 

10. College of Carolina:

10 Best Cheerleading Programs in the US

The College of Carolina’s cheerleaders put plenty of effort over the 12 months to characterize the custom of South Carolina. The cheerleaders are thought to be loyal to the varsity. The college cheerleading is split into two groups .one is all women and the second is the co-ed having women and men who might be competing in sports like soccer, basketball, and volleyball and take part in each occasion within the 12 months spreading the custom of South Carolina. The cheerleaders additionally present their ability in the nationwide championship (NCA).


There are two associations associated with cheerleading. NCA (nationwide cheerleading Association) and UCA( common cheerleading affiliation) the coed who believes in aggressive athletes ought to go for the NCA.  and the UCA are extra focused on leisure cheerleading. if the coed focused on cheerleading ought to apply to the above schools.

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